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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Letters from Basic# 12

February 21, 2007

Dear Sweetheart,

I sure do miss you and love you. We have been to carry our M16 with us where ever we go, but I would much rather be wrapping my arms around you! I can’t wait to see your beautiful face again and to hold you in my arms. I am going to squeeze you so tight and hold you forever. I love you!

We had a great day today. We started out with another four mile march. This time we were full ruck sack and gear. It was a lot of fun. We also did some combat first aid simulations. We crawled through the mud and evaluated and treated casualties. When we were finished we were all covered with mud. We all had a lot of fun.

At the end of the day we took a class on NBC. We were issued our protective gas masks and taught how to use them and how to maintain them. We are being tested tomorrow on our ability to use it quickly and proficiently. Tomorrow is the gas chamber exercise.

I hope that everything is going well. I have not received any mail, but I am sure looking forward to it. I hope that you have been able to keep up with the bills. I hope that you are not stressing too much at work. I hope that you are getting plenty of sleep and that you are taking good care of yourself. Be sure to eat well and sleep well.

We have a drill sergeant who reminds me of Rex Hicks. He is built like him and he eats and talks like him. The other night he gave us a speech about army life and answered questions for us for a while. We have four drill instructors.

Some of the guys have been getting really discouraged, but my “Battle Buddy” and I have been doing a good job of helping each other maintain a strong positive attitude. We are the most unified set of “battle buddies” here. I will tell you more about him and the buddy system that we use in a future letter.

Well I need to draw this letter to a close. I love you and I miss you!

With all my heart,


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Letters from Basic# 11

Dear Love,

I miss you a lot but I am so happy to doing what I am doing. Every day I seem to fall more in love with my new job. We went on a four mile march today in full uniform, body army, weapon, etc. There were a few of the guys that whined and fell down. You know me though; I didn’t think that it was too bad. I can’t wait to see you. I love you!

We have been taking a lot of classes. They have started with a lot of basic stuff like personal finances, uniforms, marching movements, hygiene, and stuff like that. Today we began more advanced classes. We took some first aid classes that covered the Heimlich, CPR, Combat first aid, and things like that.

We do a lot of PT and when we first got here my whole body was sore. I didn’t mind it though because I know that it makes me stronger. I feel good now though and I feel as though my muscles are already developing. I feel great….. And hungry. They make us eat really fast and we hardly even get to finish our plates. That’s alright though. Some of the guys get really discouraged whenever we get in trouble, but I’m sort of getting used to it. I have a lot of exciting training ahead of me. I hope that everything is going well for you. I pray for you everyday. I beg God to watch over you and to love you for me while I am gone. I love you!

All my love,


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Letters from Basic#10

February 17, 2007

Dear Sweetheart,

I just want to let you know that everything is going great! I don’t have much time to write letters so I will now be able to write you as much as I would.

I love you very much and I hope that everything is going great. I look forward to getting your first letter. I miss you a whole bunch.

I wish that I had time to tell you more, but I don’t. When I get a chance I will tell you everything that is going on. Things are exciting here!

With all my heart,


P.S. I love you with all of my heart! Thank you for your love! You mean the world to me. I can’t wait to see you! Bye!


Letters from Basic #9

February 16, 2007

Dear Sweetheart,

Today is the day that we ship “down range” to begin our basic training. I am writing this part of the letter this morning and will probably come to finish it tonight.

Our day started this morning at 0300, which is 3:00A.M. I did guard duty from 10:00P.M. until midnight, so I got very little sleep. Oh well. This is what I signed up for and I love it!

The weather here has been so cold. Every morning we all line up in formation and struggle to keep warm. Please pray that the weather would warm up soon. You know what a sissy I am when it comes to the cold.

Right now we are all sitting in the Johnston reception building waiting for the bus to haul us down to basic. When we get there and we dismiss for the night I will finish this letter. I love you and I miss you. Thanks again for your love and support. You mean the world to me! I love you!

Babe, I am not going to be able to finish this letter like I wanted. I love you!

With all my heart,


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Monday, March 12, 2007

Letter from Basic# 8

February 15, 2007

Dear Sweetheart,

It has almost been a day since I wrote you last. I tried to call you on Sunday and found out that cell phones do not accept collect calls. I was disappointed when I didn’t get to talk to you. I can’t wait until I can talk to you everyday. I love you and I miss you!

Today was freezing cold. We had to wait in formation for over an hour and a half. Even with my long johns and my overcoat, I was unable to stay warm. They have us get in formation at 4:15 A.M. for a meal that begins at 5:30 A.M. It was very cold!

We got our dog tags today. SWEET. My dog tags are the only necklace that I ever had and probably will every will wear. I like this particular necklace though, because of what it represents!

We have a guy here who has been trying to get out of the military. First he tried to get a medical discharge by saying that his arm hurt. Then he tried to get out by saying that he was gay. He reminds me of Klinger from the old show called M.A.S.H. Klinger would wear dresses and everything else to try to get kicked out.

Another man simply said that he wanted to quit. The drill Sergeant made him stand up in front of everyone and shout that he was a quitter. I can’t quit, unless there is a major emergency or death in the family, I can’t quit. I love you and I thank you for your wonderful love and support. Thank you!

With all my heart,


P.S. I love you!

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Letters from Basic#7

February 14, 2007

Dear Sweetheart,

Happy Valentines Day! I love you very much and I am so glad that you are my valentine even if we are a long distance away from each other. You are most definitely the sweetest girl in the world. I hope that your valentines day is wonderful even though we are apart. I wish and pray that you would be happy. I love you!

I slept great last night. I didn’t have to get up for an hour of guard duty last night, so I got to sleep straight through the night. Granted I had to get up at 3:30 A.M. to start my day, I still feel great.

I should get a good night of sleep again tonight. I was supposed to have guard duty buy my shift got canceled. A bunch of guys decided to show up late to formation this morning. Their punishment was to perform fire duty for at least two hours tonight. Their extra hours bumped my schedule off the list. I like that!

I got my warm weather boots replaced today. They were cutting into my heel, the top of my foot and the outside of my foot. The man gave me a new set and now they fit great! Now I have a good pair of warm weather boots and cold weather boots.

Honey I look awesome in a uniform. When I stand up straight with nice ACU uniforms on and the words US Army across my heart, I look awesome! I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you see me. I love you!

With all my heart,


I am sorry that I didn’t post his address on the last two letters. His address is:

(RN#208) PVT2 Cardot Nicholas
D Company 3/330th INF
5550 Leonard Ave
Fort Benning GA 31905

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Letters from Basic # 6

February 13, 2007

Dear Sweetheart,

I hope you know that I love you so much and that I pray for you everyday. I think of you all day and I miss you so much. When you see my on family day and graduation day, I will be in awesome shape. AWESOME!

We took pictures our pictures yesterday in our uniforms. I may have already told you. I ordered some items that came along with it. I ordered a photo CD, a year book for our class, a DVD of our class, and a few other things. Soon I will have pictures of me by the Flag just like Jarod has.

Speaking of Jarod, I have been bragging about him. If he reads this, I hope that he doesn’t get mad about that. I would like to know what medals he received when he was in the service.

Last night one of the drill Sergeants gave a motivating speech about the extremists. We were all shouting and cheering by the end of it. It is amazing the lever of hatred that some extremists have for America and Americans.

I have been memorizing a lot of material lately. I have memorized the Three General Orders, the Soldier’s Creed, and some other things.

I thought of something else that I would like for you to send me when I get my address. I would like a small New Testament that I can carry in my uniform with me.

Well as I draw this letter to a close. I want you know that I am having a wonderful time and I love you very much. I can’t wait to see you!

With all my love,


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Letter From Basic #5

Nick and I would like to thank all of you that have been praying for us. It is a blessing. I have watched God bless in the past month. There are days that it seems so rough and I feel that we will never be together again but, then I get a letter from my husband and I almost feel that we are together.

I hope that you all enjoy reading his letters. At the end of these letters I will post his address. If any of you would like to write him he would welcome the letters. Please include your return address on them or else they will not be received. May God bless you all.

February 12, 2007

Dear Sweetheart,

I love you more today than I ever have. You are so wonderful and beautiful. I love you more than you could imagine. I think of you all day, everyday. The thought of seeing you on graduation day drives me to do more and to do better.

I am having a great time today. After our day was over, we came back to the barracks to shower and to hit the rack. A few of us decided to do a few pt exercises before we go to bed. We then tried to do some square pushups. A square pushup is where four men get into the shape of a square by placing their feet on the upper back of the other guy. We were setting up for it when Swanson accidentally kicked me in the jaw and gave me a bloody lip. It was pretty funny. Don’t worry honey, I’m fine!

I have been showing off your picture to my buddies, and a couple of the guys have been showing me pictures of their wives and girlfriends. One guy showed us a picture of a girl that he claimed was his girlfriend. The picture was cut out with scissors from a year book. She was the prom queen in their school, and he is less than desirable. I guess what I’m saying is…..that we didn’t believe him.

I can’t wait to introduce you to some of the guys. Some of them are real swell. I sure love you and look forward to holding you again soon.

With all my heart,


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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Letters from Basic #4

Dear Sweetheart, February 11, 2007

Today is my first Sunday in the military. They offer religious services, but none of them are Baptist. They have a protestant service that I will be attending,

We got to sleep in today until almost 5:00 a.m. I had guard duty from 3:00 a.m. until 4:00 a.m. and then went back to bed for about an hour. Even with guard duty I got more sleep last night than any other night so far. So far, everything is very fun and I am making a bunch of friends.

We have been taking it easy today even more than yesterday. Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a few days and we are going to be apart. I love you and I miss you.

So far it seems like I am gaining the respect of most of the guys. Besides, I’m the one that got a ninety-eight on the ASVAB. I have the highest ASVAB score in my platoon.

We have been doing some crazy stuff during our free time. Some of the guys did upside down pushups. We did some two minute sit-ups and pushups drills. We sat around telling funny stories for awhile. I laughed until it hurt.

I just got back from the chapel services. They played some music that I didn’t really care for, but otherwise it was a great service. It made me really miss our church which then caused me to really miss you! A few of my platoon mates went with me and we all had a good time.

I tried to call you today, but it didn’t work out. I tried to use a phone card but is said that the PIN was invalid. I then tried to call collect but I know now that cell phones do not accept collect phone calls. I then tried to call Jim but their phone doesn’t accept collect calls either. Oh well, God know and he can take care of us.

Remember not to write me at this address. Save up your letters and mail them to the address that I give you later. I love you!

Well Baby, I love you. I know that I am writing you a lot, but I really do miss you. I love you and I miss you. I am reading my Bible and praying everyday. Don’t forget to send all your letters to me when I get my address. Please send me a phone card with a ton of minutes. Thanks babe, I love you!

With all my love,


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Letters from Basic 2 & 3

Dear Sweetheart, February 9, 2007

I have not yet mailed my letter from yesterday so you will probably get them on or around the same time. I am dying of homesickness. I miss you and your loving touch so much. Being away from you only causes me to love you more tenderly. You are the greatest thing in life to me. I love you dearly.

When you receive my address there are a few things that I would like you to send me. If you would send me about five more zebra pens and more pictures of you. The pictures would be nice because I miss you a lot.

Basic is going great. Rather I should say that reception is going great. I got another shot today. I took a hearing and a vision test today. Oh yeah I also got my boots today which complete my uniform. I now have a nice United Stares Army uniform with my name on it. I wish you could see me know.

I’ve decided to start writing the date on the envelope so that we will know the chronological order of the letters as we save them.

So far I love it here but I love you more and I miss you a great deal. I look forward to getting some letters from you. I love you!

With all my love,


Dear Sweetheart, February 10, 2007

We have been relaxing for most of today. Today is Saturday and the Drill Sergeant said that we may be able to call home today. Please send me a phone card, please. One hour will probably be long enough to last me through basic.

During the week, breakfast is at 0500, that’s 5:00 a.m. to my beautiful civilian wife. Every day I have been eating a big plate full of eggs and bacon. I know that bacon is a pork product so don’t tell Jim! The food here is great. I have been eating eggs, jello, bacon, toast, pickled cucumber (they were really good), chili mac, fried chicken, hamburgers, spaghetti, French toast and a whole bunch of fruit. I have no complaints about the food.

There is a thirty-nine year old man who is joining the military and going through basic with us. He is probably going to have the hardest time of anyone here and yet he has the best attitude of anyone here. If he can do it without whining, then so can I.

I have been making a lot of friends. There are also a few guys that are not so friendly. Most of us are already developing a deep sense of friendship.

Last night, I had night watch for the first time. I had guard duty from midnight until one a.m. I slept on top of my covers because I didn’t want to have to make my bed in the morning. It would’ve worked except for one thing, I used my coat as a blanket. By morning it was very cold and I woke up all curled up in the fetal position trying to stay under the coat to keep warm. It was quite a sight!

We’ve been working on a lot lately on the Soldiers Creed. I like it so I will include it for you to read. I have to be able to quote it word for word.

I am an American Soldier.

I am a warrior and a member of a team.

I serve the people of the United States and live by the Army values.

I will always place the mission first.

I will never accept defeat.

I will never quit.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.

I am disciplined, physically, and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills.

I always maintain my arms, my equipment, and myself.

I am an expert and a professional.

I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat.

I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.

I am an American Soldier.

Babe, I miss you and I love you! I am praying for you everyday and thinking of you always.

With all my love,


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