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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Blessing of Friends - Kim and W.C. Dyess

I just received a phone call from some friends that my wife and I made at  Lighthouse Baptist Church in Georgia.  100_0506This is the church that I was going to while I was fresh out of Basic Training at Airborne Hold and Airborne School.  I was able to go to the church for about eight weeks and I was able to make some great friends. 

Kim and W.C. Dyess just called me to see how things were going and to update us on what is going on down at the church.  They just finished up with Vacation Bible School about two weeks ago and they said it was just fantastic. 

Anyway, I wanted to mention them on my blog because they were a tremendous blessing to me when I was in Georgia.  You know how Paul would always write things in his epistles about how people had treated him good or bad when he was on his travels?  That is basically what I am doing here.  They had me over to their house several times for meals and they had me stay the night several nights before I was able to have my wife join me there.  They always made me feel more than welcome.  They sort of became my extended family...sort of another brother and sister-in-law. 

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Long Hours and Lots Of Fun

Today I arrived at work at 5:45 AM and left at 8:30 PM.  We are in the final crunch days for what is being called "Spirit of America!"  It's a lot of work, but it is going to be really great.  If you live in New Hampshire or Pennsylvania, you will have to come check it out. 

I have to try to get some sleep tonight (I have to get up at 4:30 AM) so this is all of an update that you will be getting tonight.  I will post more about Spirit of America either tomorrow or Saturday.


Nicholas Z. Cardot


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Christian and a Patriot

I came across this picture the other day.  PIC_0111_314As I looked at it, I began to think how that I would love to have my life be a living testimony of the beautiful objects found in it.  A Bible and Old Glory!  A Christian and a Patriot.  Blood Bought and Free in the home of the brave! 

I have caught a lot of grief over the fact that I am a member of the United States Army.  Most of that grief has come from people who I go to church with.  I understand that people discourage Christians from going into this type of work because of the negative influence that you face being a part of it.  I understand as well as anyone (I'm in it) the difficulties of maintaining a walk with God in this environment.  I also understand, however, that when God calls you to do something, he equips and enables you to keep yourself clean and pure for Him.  He gives you the ability to do what is right and to be a shining light for His glory!  I only pray that God will continue to use us in that way.  I long to be used of Him in whatever capacity that God calls me into.

I wish that more good Christians were influencing the men in the military and in politics...

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Settling In and Meeting The Neighbors

I apologize for my lack of consistent posts.  It has been difficult to allocate time to the pursuit of blogging in the midst of the chaos of moving across country.  My wife and I continue to appreciate the prayers that many of you have offered on our behalf.  We happy to express that we are in the finishing stages of making this our new home.  Praise the Lord!

After moving just over 550 miles, we are finally beginning to get all of our stuff settled in.  We have painted the apartment, organized our furniture, put away all of our laundry, and cleaned the apartment from top to bottom.  We have spent the entire week unpacking and cleaning and have made great progress.  100_0717I hate white walls in my apartment, so we have made a lot of effort to paint everything to make it look more comfortable.  Attached is a picture of my living room.      

We have also been able to meet the neighbors.  The man below me is a Tomb Guard which means that he works for The Old Guard guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  The man who lives next to me works for The Old Guard in Charlie Company.  The man who lives below me and guards the Tomb works for Echo company.  I work for Alpha Company of the Old Guard.  All three of us work for the same people, though...The Old Guard.  We do not work far from one another.

I go back to work on Tuesday.  I have loved not having to work for a while.  It has been such a relief to have a few days off.  I have loved spending the time with my wife.  I have loved setting up my apartment.  I have loved relaxing and sleeping in.

Come Tuesday, however, everything will change.  I will once again begin awaking at 5 o'clock in the morning.  I will hurry off to work early enough to watch the sun rise over the horizon.  I will do physical training.  Oh yes, the mornings do come frightfully early.  I suppose I will just have to go to bed earlier.

I will run from office to office taking care of financial issues, transportation issues, and maybe even some medical issues.  Paperwork.  Bureaucracy.  Military Life.  I will try to finish my transfer work this week.  It shouldn't be difficult.  Pray for us.

Thank you and God bless!

Nicholas Z. Cardot


Monday, August 13, 2007

Running, Reunion, and Relocation

So far, Washington D.C. has been great.  I have seen sights that I have wished for the opportunity to see since I was still in High School.  I have jogged down the Potomac River, I have experienced a D.C. style traffic jam, I have even seen a couple of the monuments.  I am so excited to be able to serve in the Army in Washington D.C. 

On Tuesday of last week, my squad leader decided that he wanted to run to the Jefferson Memorial and back while wearing our IBA's (Individual Body Armor).  This memorial is just over two miles from where we began running.  We ran down the waterfront of the Potomac River, under a gigantic bridge, and over to the memorial.  It was amazing!  We ran up and down the steps of the memorial for a while before heading back home.  Jefferson MemorialIt was an exhilarating workout.  We get to do the same type of PT as everyone else in the army except we get to do our PT up and down the streets of Washington D.C.

On Friday, I got my leave approved to drive home and get my wife.  My leave was scheduled to begin at 12:01 AM on Saturday Morning.  I stayed up Friday night and I signed out at exactly one minute past midnight.  I set out on a nearly fifteen hour trip that I would not stop on until I reached my destination.  I drank two Red Bulls, a Full Throttle, a couple Liquid Z's, and a five dollar Espresso from Starbucks.  I was doing everything that I could think of to stay a wake.  It was a difficult task. 

At around 2:45 PM, I finally arrived at my destination in Franklin Grove, IL and I wrapped my arms around my beautiful wife for the first time in just over ten days.  Seeing her was well worth skipping a night of sleep.

Today being Monday, we set out toward Kentucky where we plan to load up all of our stuff into a Uhaul truck.  On Wednesday, we plan to head back toward Washington.  Please continue to pray as we make this transition.  So far, God has been blessing us with safety and lots of joy and fun.  I praise Him for how good he is to us!


Nicholas Z. Cardot


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Does Your Campground Have A Baptist Church?

A very proper lady began planning a week's camping vacation for she and her Baptist Church group. OuthouseShe wrote to a campground for reservations. She wanted to make sure that the campground was fully equipped and modern, but couldn't bring herself to write the word "toilet" in her letter. So, she decided on the old-fashioned term "Bathroom Commode".

Once written down she still was not comfortable. Finally she decided on the abbreviation "B.C." and wrote, "does your campground have its own "B.C.?"

When the campground owner received the letter, he couldn't figure out what she meant by "B.C." He showed it to several of the campers, one of whom suggested the lady was obviously referring to a Baptist Church since there was a letterhead on the paper which referred to a Baptist church.. So, he sent this reply:

Dear Madam,

The B.C. is locate d nine miles from the campground in a beautiful grove of trees. I admit it is quite a distance if you are in the habit of going regularly.

No doubt you will be pleased to know that it will seat 350 people at one time, and it is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday of each week. Some folks like to take their lunch and make a day of it.

The acoustics are very good, so everyone can hear even the quietest passages. It may interest you to know that my daughter met her husband there. We are also having a fund-raiser to purchase new seats, as the old ones have holes in them.

Unfortunately, my wife is ill and has not been able to attend regularly. It's been a good six months since she last went. It pains her very much not to be able to go more often. As we grow older, it seems to be more of an effort especially in cold weather.

Perhaps I could accompany you the first time you go, sit with you, and introduce you to all the other folks who will be there.

I look forward to your visit. We offer a very friendly campground.