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Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Blessing of Friends - Kim and W.C. Dyess

I just received a phone call from some friends that my wife and I made at  Lighthouse Baptist Church in Georgia.  100_0506This is the church that I was going to while I was fresh out of Basic Training at Airborne Hold and Airborne School.  I was able to go to the church for about eight weeks and I was able to make some great friends. 

Kim and W.C. Dyess just called me to see how things were going and to update us on what is going on down at the church.  They just finished up with Vacation Bible School about two weeks ago and they said it was just fantastic. 

Anyway, I wanted to mention them on my blog because they were a tremendous blessing to me when I was in Georgia.  You know how Paul would always write things in his epistles about how people had treated him good or bad when he was on his travels?  That is basically what I am doing here.  They had me over to their house several times for meals and they had me stay the night several nights before I was able to have my wife join me there.  They always made me feel more than welcome.  They sort of became my extended family...sort of another brother and sister-in-law. 


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