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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Comrades At Arms

You know I don't believe in evolution, but the sentiment of this quote is absolutely perfect. It defines the relationships that I have come to know in a way that is superb.

"Servicemen do that - fall in love with one another. It has nothing to do with sex. Sexual attraction is a feeble imitation of the love a man-at-arms feels for his comrades. The emotions go deeper than those between father and son, between brother and brother, between husband and wife. The bond that forms, soldier-to-soldier, is old, old, old - primitive stuff, the instincts of earliest evolution, slope-browed protohumans banded together, all for one, one for all. It is in the blood, and cannot be resisted."

~ Joseph R. Garber


  • My husband is a Marine and he talks of the 'brotherhood' often. He says that it truly does not matter who or what they are, you learn to truly love and care for your other soldiers and that it is a great love and friendship. Great quote!

    By Blogger Cindy, At 9:02 AM  

  • My brother in law is a major in the army and is presently serving in Iraq. I know that I have noticed this to be true in his life as well. His wife was a captain in the army when she got out to have children and raise a family and she has spoken of this special bond between the soldiers that serve in our armed forces. Its interesting the bond that is formed isn't it?

    By Blogger Julie's Jewels, At 11:20 AM  

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