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Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Yesterday was a breath of fresh air for this weary man. After months of being surrounded by people who I spiritually have very little in common with, I was able to spend the entirety of yesterday with another Christian guy. I didn't have to listen to cussing all day. I didn't have to listen to vulgarity. It was sooo nice.

I met a guy at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Columbus named W.C. That stands for Wilbert Clinton. I would go by W.C., also if I had a name like that. He is a really nice guy. He and his wife opened their home to me and took me in as if I were his brother. He and his wife have really been a blessing to me.

They are so southern. I am a Yankee. I was born a Yankee and I will die a Yankee. But I love spending time with southerners! For one they actually put sugar in their tea. I have no idea how my parents stand their bland, sugarless tea. But since I have discovered nice, thick, sweet tea I have grown addicted to it. I drink it every chance that I get. Mmmmmm.

Until Next Time,
Nicholas Z. Cardot



  • It is funny to me, as a southerner, to hear of someone who thinks sugar in the tea is odd! LOL I am so glad that you have found someone to spend some time with that is on a more even spiritual level as you. That is really important!

    By Blogger Cindy, At 3:20 PM  

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