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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Shark Attack

Throughout the course of my Basic Training, there will several members of the cadre who were taking pictures of the various events that took place. We were unable to see these pictures during our trip through basic. Now, however, they are posted on the internet and I have been able to browse through them.

The picture attached to this blog is a photo of me on my first day at basic. They drove us in on busses and had us load our duffle bags on the front of us. We then took our laundry back and had to hold it above our heads. It was an annoying task. The Drill Sargeants ran back and forth screaming at us. One by one they would call our names and assign us to the platoon that we would be in. They would stop us all and "smoke" us (make us do pushups and stuff) and then they would tell us to load our stuff back up. This event is called "shark attack." It was a unique experience. I am excited that there is a picture of me in this event! You can see that I just dropped my belongings and am running off to be assigned to my platoon!



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