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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Words of Encouragement from a Fellow Soldier

Hello everybody and thank you all for your support of my husband in this new venture. If you haven't already guessed, I am Nick's wonderful, fantastic wife.

I recently told one of my friends who has been in the Military for 13 years that my husband joined the Army. This is the email that he sent in response to the exciting news.


Great to hear from you. That's good news about Nick. As long as it's the will of God, You and Nick will be fine. Yes, separation is tough but you can do it. Just remember that it's only temporary. What does he want to be? If he is going to Ft. Benning for training I can guess he is in the infantry.

This will be a major change for you and there will be things you will have to get used to. After his training is complete, you will move to a base somewhere. My advice is to live off post if it is possible. Katy and I just liked being in our own place away from know what I mean. It's great having a regular pay check and full medical benefits. This will come in handy when it's time for the baby. :)

I just want you to know I support you and Nick all the way. Katy and I will always be here to talk to and help you. You will make a great Army Wife! You can do it!

It is not only the husband that serves our country but his wife also. Keeping things going great on the home front and keeping the marriage fire hot is your part in this. It is critical for him to know that everything is good with you and the home. He will have enough to worry about especially during this time of training. Believe me Diane, I know its tough being away from the one you love, but it's for the service of our great country and to ensure all of our freedoms. The Lord has been good to Katy and I over these last 13 years we have served together. I can't imagine life without Katy. She is everything to me. Her support and unending love and care for me has gotten me through all these years.

Thank you both for your service to our country and God bless you.




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