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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Valentine's Contest: Win a $25 Gift Certificate

You could win a $25.00 Gift Certificate

to a Restaurant of your choice!

In an effort to spice things up a little bit and to hopefully attract some new readers, I have decided to give away a $25.00 gift certificate to any restaurant that you want. This contest will take place over the next 21 days and will conclude on Valentine's Day with a lucky winner being able to take his special someone out on a date paid for by me! On February 14, there will be one winner randomly drawn. This winner will get a gift certificate prize of $25.00. The gift certificate will be to any restaurant of the winner's choosing.

What is the point of this contest? Obviously to increase traffic to this blog, as well as my RSS and email subscribers numbers. I feel it is completely worth the money, as subscribers are hard to come by without the right connections. This is my attempt to make those connections. By continuing the with the growth of the readership of this site, I can continue to challenge Christians, to spread Bible doctrine, to elevate Jesus Christ, and to defend our faith in a distinctively Baptist way! Thanks for all of your support. I can't wait to see who wins!

There Are Many Ways To Win!

Contest Rules: There are many ways to participate in the Valentine's Day Contest! You can earn 'tickets' for the 'drawing' in five different ways.

  • Leave a comment: 1 Ticket - You may post a maximum of three comments per article between now and Valentine's Day. Of course, you may post more than three comments per post, but only the first three will be counted. Also, any comments that inform me of your participation in any of the contest events that follow this will also be counted as a comment worthy of a ticket. I will most likely be posting an article every day for the next 21 days of this contest, which means that you will have a potential of achieving 63 tickets towards this drawing. So even though the comments are worth only one ticket, if used properly they could easily give any person a decided advantage when drawing day comes! Each comment is worth one ticket.
  • Link Exchange: 2 Tickets - You may participate in a link exchange at The Baptist Muse. A link exchange is where you place a link to my blog on your own website (usually in the sidebar of another blog or website) and in return I will place a link to your site on mine. If your site is not listed under the "Blog Roll" section or my sidebar, then I do not know that you are linking to me. Leave me a comment and I will update the sidebar and count you in for the drawing! You may link to the Baptist Muse once per domain name and each link will count toward my future drawings for as long as the link remains active. Each link is worth two tickets.
  • Subscribe to the Email Updates: 3 Tickets - You may sign up for email updates of The Baptist Muse by submitting your email address in the form on the sidebar. You will be given three tickets into the Valentine's Day Contest for having an active email subscription to The Baptist Muse.
  • Link to an Article: 4 Tickets - If you link to any of the articles posted here at The Baptist Muse, a link back to you will be created at the footer section of the article. This is called a trackback and it allows my readers to find your articles at your website or blog. If for some reason the track back does not appear, leave a comment informing me of the link and I will be glad to count it. There is no limit to the number of links you may create. Each link is worth four tickets.
  • The Baptist Muse TopsitesJoin the Baptist Muse Topsites: 5 Tickets - I am very pleased to announce the launch of another brand new service here at The Baptist Muse...The Baptist Muse Topsites. This is a way for you to promote your own blog or website by getting it listed at The Baptist Muse Topsites. I will be receiving email updates of every website that is added to the list and I will be able to closely monitor it to ensure that only doctrinally sound Baptist sites will be added. Listing your website is completely free and you will receive five tickets toward the drawing per website submitted to The Baptist Muse Topsites!
  • Link via Button or Banner: 6 Tickets - I have created a number of eye-catching buttons and banners that can be used to link to The Baptist Muse. These graphics can be found here. By placing one of these on your site you will receive credit toward the free book every week that it is on your site. Each type of button or banner placed on your site will be counted only once. Each button or banner posted is worth five tickets.
  • Write an Article about this Contest: 7 Tickets - You may earn credits toward this Valentine's contest by writing and posting an article at you own website describing and linking to The Baptist Muse Valentine's Day Contest. Only one article per website will be counted in this category. Each article is worth 6 tickets.

The cut-off for all tickets is Wednesday, February 13, 2008 at midnight. Everything posted after that is good towards the next contest. This will allow me to have a clear time-line for when I can post the award for this contest.

Any tickets earned by doing something at your own site need to be submitted via a comment on this post. The comment needs to let me know where I can find the button, banner, article or link. This will allow me to more accurately count all of the entries.

To determine the winner, I use a random number generator using the total number of tickets to set the limits of the generator. I will then begin counting through the tickets. The first ticket earned this week will be number one. The second ticket earned this week will be number two. Etc. Whatever the number generator spits out at me, that is the winner of the gift certificate. I will then announce the winner and contact you to get your mailing address and I will send it right out to you!

This Week's Winner of the Free Book Giveaway: The winner of last week's contest and recipient of the book entitled 'The Martyrs Torch: The Message of the Columbine Massacre' by Bruce Porter. is...

Nicole from the blog Looking to Please God not Man!

Thank you for visiting and supporting the Baptist Muse. I will have your book shipped out to you as soon as I can get your mailing information. You can email your mailing information to me at Congratulations! Leave a comment on here as soon as you send the email. Sometimes the email gets caught in my spam box and the comment will allow me to know what time period to look for the email in my spam box. Thank you for understanding.

Good luck and happy blogging!



  • Hey Nick,

    I sent you my information. Thanks!

    By Blogger Nicole, At 6:06 AM  

  • I received your information and I should have your book sent out by later this afternoon. Thanks for getting me your information so quickly. God bless!

    By Blogger Nicholas Z. Cardot, At 6:32 AM  

  • You're welcome! I'm looking forward to getting it.

    By Blogger Nicole, At 1:04 PM  

  • I'd sure love to win the $25 gift card! I posted your contest on my blog, along with a graphic button.

    I hope I did this right!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 12:51 AM  

  • It looks good. Your in the contest.

    By Blogger Diane, At 10:10 AM  

  • I'd love to enter your contest! This is a very generous prize.
    I subscribed to your mailing list, by the way!

    By Blogger Kristy, At 2:02 AM  

  • I would like to be involved in the contest also. I also join the topsite and added the bar/banner to my site. Thanks y'all!

    By Blogger Nikki, At 2:31 AM  

  • Awesome. Thanks for playing. I will put you all in the drawing and we will see how things go!

    By Blogger Nicholas Z. Cardot, At 10:04 PM  

  • That's the Nick I know! Count me in!

    By Blogger Jeff, At 2:32 PM  

  • Thanks Jeff!

    By Blogger Nicholas Z. Cardot, At 3:11 PM  

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