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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ten Reasons To Attend Sunday School

This is a very funny list that I found at my brothers church website, Ask for the Old Paths. He made the list up just to be funny and I thought that it was worth posting. I thought that some of these were very funny even though I know that many people probably do go to Sunday School just to practice some of things in this list! Oh well, I guess. At least they're going. I hope you get a laugh out of them!

  • Get a break from the kids.
  • We will cram Bible down your children's throats.
  • So the pastor can finally teach the lesson he wanted to teach last week.
  • The coloring sheets are really cool.
  • Nice comfy seats.
  • Maybe Pastor will share a story from This Day in Baptist History.
  • It is good discipline to get up early enough to be here at 9:30.
  • So all the teachers have something to do.
  • So Pastor does not have to feel like he is talking right at one person.
  • So you can learn to beat your kids properly.

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