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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Watchman Awards: Dancing Demons, Nasa, and a lesson in Soul-Winning

Excellent Articles this Week in the Blogosphere

The Watchman Awards is the segment on this site in which I recognize well-written, informative articles that I have found this week throughout the blogosphere. This is also the section in which you can leave feedback as to other articles that you believe are worthy of note.

This week, ladies and gentlemen, we have a great selection of articles that I would like you to take note of. Each of these articles is a great read.

1. "...As The Demons Danced On Our Roof" by Rita Vernoy at The Jungle Hut

This is a compellingly shocking story of a missionary family serving in a region of the world where the locals believe in spirits and demon activity in the literal physical sense. This story recounts an encounter that this family had in this type of an environment as they moved into the area. This account is a must read! I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about missions!

2. "Nasa and the Bible" by Country Momma at Fundamentalist Wives

This article is an interesting look at another proof of the historical and scientific accuracy of the Word of God. By using basic astronomy and studying other contemporary historians from the ancient world, the author is able to prove such scriptural events as the sun not going down for the space of about a day and the earth moving back about five degrees. This article is a very easy read.

3. Quality or Quantity by Jim at Standing In The Gap

This is a very short piece disheveling the idea that it is more important to have quality believers than to have a quantity of conversions. The author provides a fantastic illustration to drive this point home. This is an excellent resource for any soul winner!



  • First, I will extend to you some respect as a soldier. I also served for 8 yrs in the 1/75th Ranger Reg.

    Second, you entered the blog of a friend and spewed some nonsense about Judaism. That was uncalled for. If you would like to intelligently debate the merits of Judaism vs. Christianity, I would gladly do so. You may come to my blog.

    By Blogger Yehudi01, At 12:29 AM  

  • First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to respond to my comments at your friends blog. That means a great deal to me. I apologize if I offended you in any way and I thank you also for your years of service and sacrifice to our country especially in the manner in which you served. Thank you.

    Second, I don't understand how I showed you or your religious beliefs any disrespect. I am being very civil and appropriate. On top of that, I appreciate the candor of the blog author when he states that he wishes to be able to openly discuss and 'debate' these issues in this forum of discussion without getting our 'feathers ruffled.' I felt that this was a clear invitation to bring my view to the table.

    Third, I was responding to some statements that were very disrespectful and demeaning to my religious affiliations and my way of life. Specifically, the author of the blog wrote that "The only problem is when Christians start missionizing to Jews, which, forgive me, is really a step down." and "The point is that whoever converts a Jew has essentially murdered him spiritually and whoever does so is no friend of Israel." The author goes on to imply very clearly that if any Jew converts to Christianity that it must be a result of his or her being ignorant.

    These sentences and phrases are very racist and demeaning. I was simply trying to defend my own self against them.

    Fourth, in terms of debate, I spoke specifically in several of my statements. I asked for a proof that your belief system was yours as a result of personal study rather than a result of other Jewish people who were 'smarter' than you claiming that system of belief. I also asked for a Messianic prophecy that Christ failed to fulfill.

    If I did offend you, I apologize. I say again that the authors tone caused me to feel very welcome in bringing my view to the table and I hope that we can discuss these issues civilly and without disrespect to either side of this religious aisle.

    By Blogger Nicholas Z. Cardot, At 12:52 AM  

  • Thank you for the link!

    By Blogger Jungle Mom, At 10:13 AM  

  • Congratulations to this weeks winners of the Watchman Awards. Jungle Mom you definitely deserve it. Demons Dancing on the Roof is a very moving article dealing with demonic activity in certain parts of the world. It is also a great testimony of the power of prayer for a new Christian surrounded by the demonic influences. May God continue to bless you and your family in your service for him.

    By Blogger Diane Cardot, At 10:34 AM  

  • Jungle Mom,

    I certainly hope that I did not offend your Jewish friend at his blog. I found his blog through some comments at your site and they way he worded his article, it sounded like he was inviting Christian input on the subject.

    Anyways, great article. I appreciate the work that you are doing over in your part of the world. Stay with it.

    By Blogger Nicholas Z. Cardot, At 11:46 AM  

  • Nick,
    I find the Jews to be as "prickly" as we Independent Baptist! Which is quite amazing with our own history! Lol!!! Probably is why I like talking with them!
    I have been reading several of them and do consider them to be friends. I often feel like "the unwanted step child" over there though! We do agree on most things political.
    I also believe that Yehuhi01 has a messianic wife but am not sure about that.

    By Blogger Jungle Mom, At 1:27 PM  

  • Jungle Mom,

    I appreciate it. I just didn't want to offend them. That wasn't really my goal.

    When you say 'Messianic Wife,' What does that mean? I'm not familiar with that term. I really do need to learn more about the Jewish religious beliefs and culture. Thanks for all the help.

    By Blogger Nicholas Z. Cardot, At 1:53 PM  

  • A messianic Jew is a Jew who acknowledges Christ to be the Messiah.

    By Blogger Jungle Mom, At 3:06 PM  

  • That makes sense. I guessed as much from the context, but I didn't want to be presumptuous. I appreciate the help.

    By Blogger Nicholas Z. Cardot, At 6:23 PM  

  • Wow, it's a great pleasure to know that one of our article receiving an award!!! To my apology, country mama is not such a computer person... so, I had to be the one who surf around and doing the nitty gritty. Anyway, God bless you and keep your good work on this site!!!

    Geek Wife

    By Blogger fundamentalistwives, At 3:04 PM  

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