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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Blood of the Lamb (Pt. 1)

It is the Blood of Christ that provides redemption from the prison of our own wicked sinfulness.

It is the blood of Christ that delivers us from the bondage, the distress, and the liability of the sin which characterizes our lives. We are, in a most literal sense, set free as a direct result of the pure, perfect blood which was poured out to the foot of the cross!
… Without shedding of blood is no remission. ~ Heb 9:22
Noah Webster defined the term Remission in a beautifully inspirational manner when he penned these words in the 1828 edition of his dictionary, “Release; discharge or relinquishment of a claim or right; as the remission of a tax or duty.”

The tax or duty that sin had laid upon us was the very wages of an eternity without Christ. It was the sentence of a literal lake which burns with fire and brimstone. It is to spend an eternity alongside the despondent rich man who looked up howling, screaming, and begging for a solitary drop of water to cool his parched tongue! It is to live in unending death for the span of eternity dwelling in regret and remorse.

Yet now, these chains have been torn as they were but a strand of thread. That burden has been ripped from our souls and we have been liberated by God’s grace through the shed blood of the faultless Lamb of Israel.



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