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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Average Modern Christian

This morning during my commute to work, I was listening to a powerful message from Dr. Roger Voegtlin. He was speaking very candidly about the current spiritual state of the modern average Christian. The following is a verbatim excerpt from the sermon entitled 'God's Kind of Fanaticism.'

"The average modern Christian is not Christ-like. Let me stop and say it to zero in a little more. The average independent, fundamental Baptist Christian is not Christ-like. But we're quick to defend our weaknesses, our flaws, and our defeats.

"The average modern independent Baptist has no desire to perfect his life for God, but is more interested in covering up his problems. Looking good in his eyes. Looking good in other people's eyes. I KNOW that. I am not saying all. I am saying average.

"With the average Christian all you have to do is just touch their problem and they are like a porcupine ready to throw their pricks out. I am amazed that Christians can read the strong appeals of our Lord and of the Apostles for us to be strong and separated unto him and still fight it...Fight it! At the same time they want to be accepted as spiritual. That to me describes the average Christian today.

"If the cross of Jesus Christ means what it should to us, we know that we've got to carry it!"



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