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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Watchman Awards

Another week…another winner, or rather another three winners! Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to another week of the almost world famous Watchman Awards. Since I revived the Watchman Awards, I have been getting calls from all the major news networks and a few local news networks requesting exclusive interviews which I have, of course, declined. Fox News, CNN, Rush Limbaugh, Larry King, and many others are sorely disappointed......

And, don't forget about the free book give away that is taking place this week. Be sure to check it out and get in on the action!

1. Too Many "Coincidences" by Kent Brandenburg at The Jackhammer

"The events in the birth of Christ are enough to believe the Bible and to believe in Christ. They are events that are controlled from the outside of time and space."

2. The Virgin Birth - The Miracle of Christmas by Jim at Standing in the Gap

"Contrary to much popular lore, “The Miracle of Christmas” is not food for the hungry, or shelter for the homeless (though, of course, those are indeed wonderful things). “The Miracle of Christmas” is the Virgin Birth!

3. The Virgin Birth of Christ by Steve Weaver at Pastor Steve Weaver's Blog

"It’s interesting that for all the discussion of Jamie Lynn Spears’ pregnancy, no one has opined that it is the result of a miraculous virgin conception. We need to realize that the story of Mary’s miraculous conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit was just as impossible to believe then as it would be today."



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