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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Only Six Days Remaining!

Friends and Fellow Bloggers,

There are now only six days left until I leave for Basic Combat Training. I am very excited. I have been taking and completing several military coresspondence courses via the internet over the course of thse past few days. As a result of some of the work that I have done and the score I received on my PT (Physical Training) test, I have recieved my first promotion prior to even shipping for Basic. I am now an E-2 which is a PV2 or Private Second Class. This means that I will get an extra $254 per month for having completed that work.

Neither my wife nor myself have to work between now and next week. We are taking the time to go on some extra dates and spend some extra time together before I leave. On Saturday night we went to T.G.I. Fridays and yesterday we went to Golden Corral. We are going out to Applebees this Friday night and one of my friends will be taking us out to the Longhorn Steakhouse on Saturday night. Also, another friend gave us a gift certificate to stay one night at the Four Points Sheritan, a five-star hotel. We are extremely excited about that!

Most of our friends have been extremely supportive and are going far beyond what we would have imagined to encourage us and support us. There is a small group of people in our church who have been very unsupportive almost to the degree of being hurtful. I mean to tell you some people here have said some extremely disheartening things.

To each his own!

Well, may I express a great big thank you to all of those who have been supportive and prayful for my situation. Thank you!

In Christ,

Nicholas Z. Cardot

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