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Monday, January 29, 2007

Two Sides of the Same Coin!

I recently heard of two stories that have made me completely sick to my stomach. How can our nation, which was founded on the principles of God’s Word, be treating those who stand for God with such blatant disrespect?

The first story that I am posting here recounts the story of a chaplain who desired nothing more that to be able to pray as his conscience dictated. He simply wanted to be able to pray “in Jesus’ name.” Because of his stand for Christ, he lost his job, his career, his retirement…everything! America just turned their back on our founding principles again!

How much more of this is God going to smile upon before he begins to get just a little bit upset? I know that I want to punch someone for doing this to this godly man. I want to shout and scream…I really do wonder how God, the one who is actually being attacked here, feels about all this. Sad…angry…hmmmm…

“A U.S. Navy chaplain who prayed ‘in Jesus' name’ as his conscience dictated is being ejected from the military service ‘in retaliation’ for his victorious battle to change Navy policy that required religious rites be ‘non-sectarian.’

‘This fight cost me everything. My career is over, my family is now homeless, we've lost a million dollar pension, but Congress agreed with me and rescinded the Navy policy, so chaplains are free again to pray in Jesus' name,’ Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt told WND. ‘My sacrifice purchased their freedom. My conscience is clear, the fight was worth it, and I'd do it all again.’”

Source: World Net Daily: Navy Dismisses Chaplain

This second story is about a muslim man who was promoted for his sacrifice in catering to al-Qaida detainees at prison camps. So America decides to turn her back on men who stand for the true and living God, and instead she decides to go out of her way to elevate and reward those who promote false gods! She decides to reward those who favor and care for our enemies. I just want to throw something or hit someone!

Notice in the following story how that an officer of an unusually high rank stepped down to reward this man.

“In a special ceremony, the Pentagon recently promoted a Wahhabi-trained muslim chaplain who catered to al-Qaida detainees at Guantanamo and fought to establish the first mosque in Marine Corps history.
Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England personally promoted Navy chaplain Abuhena Mohammed Saifulislam from lieutenant to lieutenant commander. Saifulislam also received a Joint Service Commendation Medal at the Pentagon ceremony held on the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

Pentagon officials say the ceremony was unprecedented.

‘It's unusual for a deputy secretary to personally promote an officer of that rank," said one official who wished to go unnamed. "No one has known of such a high-level dignitary doing that.’”

Source: World Net Daily: Quantico Mosque Leader Promoted

P.S. The word muslum is purposely not capitalized in this post. If that offends you, I'm going to have to kindly ask you to get over it!



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