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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Gift Ideas: How To Have A Wonderful Christmas

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year. I often find myself listening to Christmas music in the middle of spring, summer, or fall, reminding myself of the joys of the Christmas season. My friends often make fun of me for this.

Christmas is exciting in so many ways. I will never forget the excitement I had over receiving my gifts as a child. Now I get to watch the same excitement on the faces of my nieces and nephews. And, of course, there is the food…..oh…the food! Our family prepares so much food that we eat leftovers for weeks! I eat so much every holiday that I am forced to lay around the house and groan for a while after each meal. I am sure that many of you can relate! The traveling, shopping, eating, giving, receiving…the family, friends, presents, food, music…Christmas is filled with so many fantastic things!

These are certainly a few of the reasons that we all enjoy Christmas but they are also the reasons that we all tend to forget the real reason for having Christmas…the birth of our savior. We need to take some time this holiday season and remember Christ and praise Him for his goodness. Here are a few things that I suggest you give this Christmas.

1. Give Thanks. Spend some time specifically thanking Christ for the sacrifice that he was willing to make. Christmas represents the birth of a man who was born for no other reason than to die. He was born to be the sacrifice of the world. On Christmas, we often think of the cute nativity scene but we seldom make the connection to the cross. Get alone and take some serious time to thank God for giving us the greatest Christmas gift in the universe…His Son.

2. Give The Gospel. The world is filled with misconceptions about Christmas. How silly is it for Christians to spend their time debating whether or not to have a Christmas tree, when they should be using one of the biggest Christian holidays as an opportunity to tell others about Christ. There is no other time of the year when the gospel is being sung all over the world like it is in the carols played at Christmas time. Even the secular radio stations are playing songs about Christ! We need to use this as an opportunity to give people the true meaning of Christmas…the Gospel.

3. Give Your Life. Often we use this coming week as a time to give gifts to those we love. We know that Christ certainly loved us and gave to us a wonderful gift. We should have a desire to give something in return for what Christ gave us. But what can we poor beggars give to the king of all creation? We can give him our love and affection. We can give him adoration and appreciation. We can give him our lives. He deserves every bit of our lives and then some! “All to Jesus I surrender; Lord, I give myself to thee!”

If you go out of your way to give these three gift ideas, I am confident that you will have a wonderful Christmas time. Have a wonderful Christmas and God bless you!

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