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Friday, December 15, 2006

What If Christ Had Not Come...Would America Be A Christian Nation?

If Christ had not come it would have certainly impacted each of us in a very personal way. There is no doubt to this statement. Let’s shift our attention, however, from the personal ramification of this thought and examine for a few moments the broader aspects. Consider the impact that Christ’s coming has had on the world.

America is a Christian nation! In 1588, England defeated the great Spanish Armada. This battle took place between a Christian nation, England, and a Catholic nation, Spain. There was no physical way that England could defeat the Spanish Armada. God sent a great storm and destroyed over half of their fleet making it possible for England’s forces to come in and defeat them. Many look at this battle as a miracle of God because England’s victory allowed them to have the preeminence in the early American colonies. As a result of this, our nation was started and founded as a Christian nation. We look back with pride at our forefather’s dedication and love for Christ and Country!

Now let’s rewrite history. The birth of Christ never took place. Christianity never existed and therefore never influenced Europe. The doctrines of Christianity were never perverted and the Catholic Church was never founded. There are no Christians. In 1588, England defeated the great Spanish Armada. This battle took place between a Pagan, idol worshipping nation, England, and another pagan, idol worshipping nation, Spain. The results of this battle didn’t really matter in light of the founding of America. As a result, our nation was started and founded as a pagan, idol worshipping, humanistic, probably Satan worshipping nation. Life would be quite different!

Perhaps America would be predominantly Muslim or Hindu. Maybe we would be filled with the religions of the orient. It could be that our nation would be filled with human sacrificing, idol worshipping pagans!

Friends, we often are not thankful enough for what Christ has done for us on a global scale. We may be upset by the always declining morals in national politics, but nothing compares to what our nation would be like without Christ. It saddens me everyday that America declines in her Christian nature. It breaks my heart to see her drawn away from her rich godly heritage. But friends, I cannot begin to imagine an America without any presence of Christianity at all…but that is exactly what we would have! Oh, how thankful I am that Christ did come!

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