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Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Watchman Awards #2 – A Pursuit of Greatness

Several times throughout the past few years, I have seen signs referring to the world famous J.D. Power and Associates Awards. There was a billboard in the city where I live bragging about a J.D. Power and Associates Award that the local hospital had won. There was another on the Scottrade website bragging about some of the awards that they had won for excellent customer satisfaction in the stock brokering industry. Apparently, when someone wins an award from this organization, it is a pretty big deal and well worth bragging about.

Some day when the Watchman Awards are world famous, you will all brag about the awards that you received in the early years. You will place logos on your websites proclaiming to the world that you were chosen as one of the best out of the 55,000,000 blogs currently circulating in the blogosphere. You will rent billboards proclaiming that you earned the coveted award. Earning a Watchman Award will be the pinnacle of your web life!

On an only slightly more serious note, I was pleasantly surprised at all the comments and grumblings from lasts week’s Watchman Awards and for that I thank you. This was by far my favorite comment, "3rd place? Arrghh! My post was way more substantive than Voegtlin's!" What a filthy ungrateful termite...oh can't please them all. Lol. I apologize, that wasn't much more of a serious note.

Please continue to let me know what you think about the blogs that I link and be sure to recommend any great articles that you read throughout the week. The whole purpose of this segment is to build visitor participation so please contribute any links or ideas that you may have.

And now, in an attempt to recognize some of the great blog posts from the past week, I once again proudly present the Watchman Awards – Week #2.

1st. Courtney’s Contemplations: In His Word and on Our Knees - “Just what advice would I give a mother, young or old? Get in God's Word and on your knees. Pretty "elementary", huh? Right now many of you are most likely thinking, OK...I read my Bible and pray every morning. I say it again, "get in God's Word and on your knees". Become a "student" of God's Word....right there in your home. Have a "prayer closet"....right there in your home.”

2nd. Just Your Average Revolutionary: Modern Day Money Changers – “I'm convinced that the carnal, cunning, conniving, crooked crooks that Jesus drove out of the Temple are still among us today. These modern day moneychangers are forever devising new and deceptive doctrines to defraud God's people out of His/their money. These masters of deceit have now set up their changing tables throughout the Christian television industry.”

3rd. Hardecker: Some Thoughts on Christmas...The Wise Men – “Obviously these wise men understood and applied the Hebrew Scriptures in order to find time to worship Christ. Do we take time to read, understand, study, and apply the Bible? And if we are obedient to the Scriptures, would it not then point us towards Christ?”



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