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Monday, March 3, 2008

Sickness and Sunsets or The Nasty Bug

Recently, my husband Nick was sick with a sore throat that he says he got from all of you other bloggers. He is still not feeling 100% but he is almost there. Unfortunately he managed to give it to me after I was so patient in taking care of him and pampering him just like he asked me. But like he says, he was told to share as a child and that's what he did.

After a lot of sleep, rest, and drinking lots of fluids, I felt tons better by Sunday night. Today I felt almost back to my normal self (which isn't actually very normal, especially since I am married to Nick). He still has a little bit of a sore throat and is starting to see that drinking a lot of fluids is the key to getting rid of this nasty bug. He has a hard head but he is slowly learning that his wife is always right! LOL!

Today was great. It was around 70 degrees and the sun was beautiful. When Nick arrived home from work, he wanted to get outside and do something active. I think he was tired of being cooped up. We went for a run around our neighborhood. Well...Nick ran and I rode my new bicycle. This way he was able to run at a pace that is comfortable for him and not my slow poke running pace. It was a good run and we finished up just as it was getting dark. We were able to watch the sun set. I love seeing God's handiwork in nature. It was so peaceful minus the cars driving by, but it was almost like we were alone in the country somewhere with only nature, God and each other.



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