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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

An Overhauled Conversation System

As many of you have probably already noticed, I have changed and updated the commenting system here at The Baptist Muse. You can now leave comments without having to leave the page. That means no more bouncing over into the blogger comment system every time you want to communicate over here. Simply select the comments link at the bottom of the post and watch as the comments box slides open beneath the post. You can even leave comments without ever leaving the main blog page. Go ahead and leave some comments and try it out.
I was even able to keep most of the comments that had already been posted from the old blogger system that I had been using. I say most and not all because a few of the comments did not survive the import process that I used to get them over. I tried importing them several times, but each time I lost about 15% of the comments that were on here. Oh well, I guess.

This also allows me to advertise the number of comments at the bottom of each email update that gets sent out! I am having a little trouble with this particular feature right now, but I estimate that I will have it working within the next day or two!

This comment system is so much cooler than the old one! I will definitely be needing some feedback on this because I am sure that their are some glitches that I have missed. Please let me know so that I can fix it right away. Thanks.

Also, let me throw in a funny story that I heard on Paul Harvey today while I was driving. Supposedly this is a true event that took place. A man walked into a post office and robbed it at gunpoint. He was able to get a good sum of money and then he escaped. The police had nothing to go on and the culprit got away scott free.

While he was there, however, he noticed that the receptionist at the counter was quite attractive and he actually developed an infatuation for her. He returned several days later with a bouquet of flowers to ask for her forgiveness and to invite her on a date. Stealthily she triggered the silent alarm. A few minutes later he was arrested and hauled off to jail. What a moron!



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