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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mozilla Firefox and The Baptist Muse

Well, folks, on Wednesday, I overhauled the commenting system here at The Baptist Muse Blog to a new system called 'Intense Debate.' For the most part, this new commenting system is much sleeker, cooler, and easier to use than the blogger system that I was previously utilizing. Some of my faithful readers have, however, found a few bugs in the system. Actually, we have found one.

If you use Internet Explorer, there is a good chance that the system will not let you comment anonymously from the main page. You can comment anonymously from one of the post pages, but not from the main page. You can also login to the Intense Debate system and you will be able to post from the main page which is actually an interesting option.

The system is designed to track people's commenting, allowing them to grow in reputation as they leave more comments and as other people vote on the quality of their discussion. You will notice the little thumbs up and thumbs down at the side of each comment. This tracking system will allow you to leave comments at other blogs that have the system installed and be able to track them all from one place.

Of course, they are just getting started, so they don't have a huge number of blogs using it yet, but they are making such rapid forward progress in their design work that I don't see why they won't continue to grow in popularity. They have a great design that is basically fueled by inviting users to critique it and make suggestions.

The situation with Internet Explorer reminded me of some of the reasons why I no longer use it. I had found many images and sections of web pages (especially Javascript) that do not display correctly in that browser. Since I have switched to Mozilla Firefox, my Internet experience has been much more enjoyable.

Firefox is a free web browser that has basically been designed by the public so as soon as people notice glitches in it, it is fixed and it automatically updates itself. I have never had a problem viewing a web page since I made the switch and I can say that The Baptist Muse looks much different between the two browsers. I am not joking when I say that the site is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox.



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