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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Catching the Croatian Flu

I have been hearing a lot throughout the Christian blogosphere about people being sick with the flu or with really bad colds. Maybe when I began reading about these illnesses I should have stayed away from the computer so that I wouldn't catch whatever you guys have. I didn't, however, and now I am getting sick just like everyone else. I know I must have caught it from getting too close to the germs you guys put out on your blogs.

When your sick, you are supposed to stay home from school, work, and church so that you do not give your illness to those around you but none of you thought to stay home from blogging. Who cares if your faithful readers catch your germs? I'm especially talking to you Sis. Julie and Sis. Tori. I don't care if you are all the way in Georgia and Croatia, I think what I'm getting is because of you!

Of course, ninety-five percent of that first two paragraphs are a complete joke. The only thing serious about it is that I have been getting sick now for the past couple of days. The night before last, I actually went out on the couch to sleep so that I wouldn't keep tossing and turning and kicking my wife. I sweat really heavy all night that night which was another reason I didn't want to be in my nice bed. I hoped that maybe it ran its course that night but yesterday my throat started hurting and today I can barely talk...But I can still blog just fine!



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