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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

The Marriage Of Christianity And Evolution: Oil Meets Water! (Part 1)

Since the popularization of the theory of evolution, its greatest opponent has been the truth's of the Word of God. In order to propel their theory past those who believed the Biblical account of intelligent design, supporters of evolution had to find a way to marry evolution to Christianity. They set about to find ways to integrate the theory of evolution into the Christian system of beliefs. And truth be told, on the public scene, they have been quite successful.

The fact is, however, that no matter how well they may be able to get the public to accept their blending of these two ideas, the marriage between Christianity and evolution is simply impossible. Simply put, these two ideas blend like oil and water for many reasons.

The Moral Dilemma - When either of these two systems of beliefs are applied to the social realm of life a major difference will be found. A belief in an intelligent creator demands some form of a moral standard or rule maker whereas a belief in evolution does not. Consider for example the following excerpt from an article by Bruce Malone.

Belief in evolution justified the excesses of the industrial revolution, the Nazi elimination of the Jews, and the rise of Marxism and Communism. It also serves as the justification for the disbelief in God. Although modern evolutionists try to distance themselves from the consequences of taking their theory into a social realm, these historical atrocities are the result of taking evolutionary philosophy to its logical conclusion. If we are a product of biological forces why not extend these forces into our own dealing with other humans? Animal groups do not lament wiping each other out in order to survive. Why shouldn't we do the same if we are just part of an evolutionary process that formed us? Creation is the event that ultimately gives us life value because it links every human's values to their Creator who loved him enough to die for him. ~ Bruce Malone

Christianity and evolution place different values on life forcing the two to be theologically incompatible. To the evolutionist, the death of one person simply means the survival of the stronger. This of course justifies abortion, genocide, euthanasia and many other atrocities. As mentioned in the excerpt above, this opens Pandora's box to the rationale of Hitler, Stalin and many other homicidal dictators. Their genocides were nothing more than a practical approach to the modern day philosophy of "Survival of the Fittest." Their end goal, a more refined evolutionary race of men, preempted any form of values that would stand in their way. As the cliche goes, "The end justified the means." And rightly so, to any astute believer in the evolutionary sciences.

Christianity, however, approaches the sanctity of life from the opposite corner of the philosophical ring. Having been created in the image and likeness of God, those believing in Christianity presume upon man an extremely high value of life. Christianity has always looked down on those who commit crimes against life itself (i.e. murder, rape, genocide, etc.) whereas evolution accepts them if it is deemed necessary to the successful continuation of the evolutionary process.

The moral consequences are simply too outrageous to link the two ideas in any form of compatible union. Hence we have what I call a great moral dilemma between any combination of the two beliefs.

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