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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rep. Steve Chapot Attacked For Supporting Christians!

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Here is a link to a site that is viciously attacking this representative for siding with "the religious right!" They specifically attack him for opposing stem cell research and for supporting government intervention into the life of Terri Schaivo. This is the quote that they ask you to email to your friends and family.
"I am outraged that Rep. Chabot is joining President Bush and the religious right in opposing life-saving stem cell research. I'm going to pass along this information to my friends and family."

It is a crying shame that men are attacked for taking a stand for things that used to be common ethics. Supporting a woman's life over the decision of her dead-beat, two-timing, ex-husband who wanted here dead and off the scene...they should be blasting that ex-husband, not the man who tried to save the girl's life! Or for opposing the government funding of research on the remains of innocent murdered babies! I'm sure that I'm not being completely politically correct now.

"Because the religous right is wrong!"




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