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Friday, October 27, 2006

China Imprisons Man For Distributing Bibles

Most people are not aware of the severe Christian prosecution that takes place throughout the world. I have been reading recently on Google News about Christians around the world who are being arrested and persecuted simply for their faith.

You will not find these articles on the main Google News web page, but if you search for some Keywords like "Christian in China" or "Christian Persecuted," it is outrageous what kind of news you will find. Why doesn't more of this make it to the major headlines.

People ought to be outraged at the human rights violations that are taking place to Christians around the world. Here is an excerpt from one news article.

"Pastor Wang Zaiqing, a well known house church pastor from Anhui province, has been sentenced to two years imprisonment and fined 100,000 yuan (£6,700) for producing Bibles and Christian materials. In a now familiar tactic, Pastor Wang was charged with conducting ‘illegal business practices’ even though he gave the literature away and made no profit." ~ Christian Today

The article goes on to say that there have been several incidents just like this one that have taken place over the course of the past year. People need to make their voices heard. There is no reason that a government or any other institution should be able to physically enforce what people believe about God! Something has to be done!

"It is sadly ironic that at the time Chinese officials are seeking to show progress in religious matters they are simultaneously sentencing a pastor for producing Christian literature." ~ Tina Lambert

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