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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Going To See The Preacher

Hello Bloggers and welcome back. If you read the "About Me" section on the sidebar of this blog you will find that I have recently graduated from college and am searching for a church to go pastor. I am going to meet with my pastor tonight, Pastor Jeff Fugate.

Pastor Jeff Fugate pastors the Clays Mill Road Baptist Church where I am a member. The attendance here is somewhere around one thousand to fifteen hundred people per week. Because he pastors a church that large, he has many other churches contact him for advice and pastoral candidates. Hopefully, he will know of some churches in need of a pastor.

I hear all the time that men are leaving the ministry. I hear that pastors are falling aside and so on. I only hope that I can find a church that has a need, and fil that need. I'm looking forward to our meeting this evening and am hoping to be off to a church somewhere soon.

I'll keep you posted.


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