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Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Weekly Watchman Awards

An Updated Look For The Baptist Muse

Over the past several days, you have probably noticed several design changes here at The Baptist Muse. I have expanded the main body of the page, rearranged the title and footer section of each post, removed the in-between-posts Google Adsense ads, and changed up most of the widgets in the sidebar. I'm always looking to make the site more effective in getting and keeping readers.

I have also recently added a couple of new podcasts for the resources section of The Baptist Muse. Bro. Jeff Voegtlin and his father, Pastor Roger Voegtlin, both from the Fairhaven Baptist Church in Chesterton, IN, are now offering their sermons via a podcast. Swing by our Podcasts page and check out all the preachers that are available for your iPod or mp3 player. If you know of any other podcasting preachings that I don't have listed, be sure to let me know.

And Now For The Watchman Awards...

Each week, I am very pleased to bring you a short list of some of the best Independent Baptist Articles posted that week. This week is no different. Throughout the past week, several unique and inspiring posts have been written on a wide variety of issues.

  • Repentance is Necessary for Salvation (Part 1) and (Part 2) - Tim Dunkin has written a powerful two part series on the doctrine of repentance. His articles are honest, straightforward, and down-right controversial. He isn't afraid to nail heretics to the wall with his clear-cut proofs from the word of God. Finally, someone who will stand for truth!
  • Scars of Love - Kate Plourde recently experienced here husband being diagnosed with cancer. As a result, she has been posting articles that are designed specifically to encourage and build Christians who are facing difficult circumstances. This article, though not original to her, is a powerful and engaging work that draws a beautiful picture of God's love. It is definitely a must read.
  • Exceptions Regarding Salvation - In this article, Bill Hardecker revisits perhaps the most popular verse in the Bible, John 3:16, in a way that will make you stand in awe at God's amazing love. Two thumbs up!

Just To Keep You Smiling!

I found this awesome "Redneck Power Windows" video over at Kristina's Keepsakes. I laughed so hard that I almost fell out of my chair. This sort of reminds me of a room mate that I had in college. His desk was made out of scrap metal from a junkyard.



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