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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Morning Link Love: Updated!

Updated With The Newest Sermons!

Throughout this past week, I have been blessed to enjoy revival meetings being preached by a man named Dwight Smith. Our meetings began this past Sunday and will be concluding tomorrow. Each night had a different theme. Monday was ladies night. All of the ladies had to bring visitors. Tuesday was Men's night. Wednesday was Sunday School night. The goal was to bring as many people from your Sunday school class as possible to the service. The person with the highest percentage was the winner. Thursday night was coworkers night and last night was youth night. The teenagers brought the visitors. We also had a gym night after the service that lasted until midnight. We played basketball, volleyball, and some made up games.

So far, we have uploaded most of the services to our church website for download. I will link to them here and update this post with the new ones when the revival meetings are over.

Update: I have now added the rest of the sermons.

The Consequences of the Resurrection
Worse than Cancer
The Man Called Trouble
Why Not Serve God Anyway?
Brand New
The Test of True Salvation

Whose Pushing Your Buttons
Whose Blood Will Be Required at Your Hand?
When We Don't Do What We Should Do

An Update on The Baptist Muse Forum

Interestingly enough, the Forum section here at The Baptist Muse has been picking up a little bit of steam lately. In fact I recommend you swing by, read, and comment on the thread entitled, "Is Islam A Religion of Peace?" I have been debating with a Muslim man and it would probably be very enlightening and educational to stop by and read through it.

Faith Tunes: Digital Downloads You Can Trust!

Thanks to Tori, my good friend and world-famous missionary to Croatia, over at her blog, A Home Away From Home, I have discovered Faith Tunes. I love browsing through iTunes, but I can hardly ever find any music that is worth listening to. This problem is now over! Faith Music, a leading publisher of traditional, conservative gospel music has launched a new feature at their site called Faith Tunes. Now we can download great Christian songs directly to our computers and iPods. I am excited about this!

Anyways, I hope that you all have a blessed weekend. Thanks so much for stopping by The Baptist Muse don't forget to leave some comments and let us all know that you were here! God Bless.

In Christ,




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