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Friday, March 14, 2008

Passion for the Things of God

In Jeremiah 2, Jeremiah remembers with fondness a nation that once was devoted to God. The prophet recalled the love that Israel first pledged to God. He noted their readiness to follow Him, even into the wilderness. Now Israel, the recipient of God’s love had forsaken Him. They had turned from God, and Jeremiah wanted to know why. What iniquity had they found in God to cause them to turn from Him?

Christian, can you remember when you were first saved? Can you remember when you trusted God to supply your needs? Can you remember the excitement as you picked up your Bible and had devotions for the first time? Can you recall how thrilled you were to come to church and hear the preaching of the Word of God? Once you used to sit in church eager to hear. Now, you sit and eagerly wait for it to end. Once you used to stay and fellowship with God’s people. Now you are the first to run out the door.
Abandoning God leaves a person with a life that is empty and worthless. Where there is no service, there is no satisfaction.
The fatal mistake in our churches and families is that we expect our mates and children to be totally committed to us when they and we are not totally committed to God. You, your mate, and your children will never have a true passion for each other without a passion for God.

My love for God can be traced all the way back to my teenage years. I loved God and wanted to please Him. The Lord’s Supper was a solemn time of introspection and soul searching. Church attendance was a mandate, and I was called upon to teach a Junior Boys Sunday school class at 16 years of age. My heroes were my pastors and dedicated Christian leaders. Fear, disappointment, and shame gripped my heart whenever I strayed from God. Those yearnings and desires have lasted until this very day. Where are the teenagers of today with a passion for the things of God?
How about you? Have you lost your passion for the things of God? Fall on your face before a Holy God and seek Him!
The Word of God says in Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Don’t lose sight of God and the power o f His guiding presence in your life. Cultivate it! Seek it!

Pastor Philip J. Bishop


Author Info: Pastor Bishop is the pastor of the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Alexandria, VA and is working to reach the Washington DC and Northern Virginia area with the Gospel.

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