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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Newest Resources and Site Updates

Here at The Baptist Muse, I am constantly striving to add new links to top quality Independent Fundamental Baptist websites. I have categorized these links into an organized database over at the 'Resources' section of the Baptist Muse. Just click the 'Resources' button at the top of any page to check it out. That section of the website includes links to sermon downloads and podcasts, creation science articles and videos, King James Only resources, and much more! And the best part is that this section of the site is constantly expanding! In fact, here are a couple of links that I've been able to add just this week.

Hook Publications

We are excited about the opportunity God has given us to produce and market Christ-honoring materials. It is a fact that people make life-changing decisions based on the books they read and the people they meet. For that reason we want to get good books and Godly music into their hands. The materials that target the youth are particularly designed to give young people an alternative to secular entertainment. Our goal is to promote Jesus Christ, the King James Bible and to change lives. To this end, we are committed. We hope you enjoy the materials that our family has to offer.

Way Of Life Literature

Established in 1974, Way of Life Literature is a 31-year-old Fundamental Baptist preaching and publishing ministry based in Bethel Baptist Church, London, Ontario. Wilbert Unger is the Pastor of Bethel Baptist. The founder and director is David W. Cloud. At this web site you will find thousands of books and articles that we have placed here for the edification and protection of God's people. Be sure to check out the Way of Life Encyclopedia of the Bible & Christianity and the End Times Apostasy Database. The goal of Way of Life Literature is to stand for the truth of God's Word without compromise, to preach the Gospel, and to produce well-documented materials to strengthen New Testament churches in these apostate days.

A Team Effort

As I continue in my efforts to expand the usefulness and thoroughness of The Baptist Muse, I invite you to join with me. I welcome suggestions, ideas, or tips of any kind. If you are a pastor and you want your sermons listed, if you are a webmaster and you want your site added to our database, if you are a nobody like me and you just happen to know of a great website, sermon podcast, Christian wallpaper, or any other resource that I might be able to add to the site, then please email me or leave a comment.

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