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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Valentine's Contest Reminder: Free Money!

The Baptist Muse Valentine's Day ContestOn January 24, I launched a 3-week contest that will be culminating in a drawing on Valentine's Day for a $25.00 gift certificate to any restaurant that the winner might choose. Every method of entering this contest is completely free and most take only a few seconds to complete.

With very little effort, you could find yourself in possession of the $25.00 prize! There are many ways that you can participate and all of them are very easy to do. Leaving a comment only takes a few seconds. Linking to the Baptist Muse only takes a few seconds. Subscribing to the email updates only takes a few seconds. You get the idea.

The best part is that almost every method of entry into this contest results in a link back to your site from mine. In fact, there is only one item on the list that doesn't earn you a link back.

Consider, for example, The Baptist Muse Topsites. This section of the site allows you to place a large banner on my site linking toward your blog or website. This is especially good since my audience is predominately Baptist (especially Independent Baptist). That means that you are going to get more visitors to your site from the same belief system as you. This is called targeted advertising. And the way that we are doing it here, it is called free advertising. In fact, by advertising at The Baptist Muse Topsites, you might be the lucky winner of the $25.00. At least you will get five chances at winning it! Where else can you go to get paid to advertise your website?

In fact, I'll let you in on a little secret. Every person who links to The Baptist Muse (either in the sidebar or with a buttton or banner) or joins The Baptist Muse Topsites will be added to my personal reading list. I read almost every article (90%+) that comes through my reading list and I comment on about 75%-80% of them. When I say that I comment, I don't mean that I pretend to read it and say "Great post" like a lot of bloggers probably do. I believe in conversational commenting. I try to stimulate the conversation between the author, the other readers, and myself. Its a way of saying that I appreciate the effort put into the post and I appreciate the support of the ever-expanding Baptist Muse.

There are Many Ways to Win!

  • Leave a Comment (1 Ticket)
  • Link Exchange (2 Tickets)
  • Subscribe to the Email Updates (3 Tickets)
  • Link to an Article (4 Tickets)
  • Join The Baptist Muse Topsites (5 Tickets)
  • Link via Button or Banner (6 Tickets)
  • Write an Article about this Contest (7 Tickets)
For a more thorough explanation of the rules and methods of entry visit the original announcement: Valentine's Contest.



  • I want to say good luck to all who participate in the Valentine's contest.

    By Blogger Diane, At 1:28 PM  

  • I will! I just am very slow and nervous about all things to do with computers.
    I started my log by accident while trying to leave a comment at my daughters, then I lost it! Had to start it again.

    By Blogger Jungle Mom, At 2:40 PM  

  • I joined Baptist Muse TOPSITES, and I've left a comment or 2 I think. Also I have a link on my page to your Baptist Muse Topsites. WOOHOO, I'm well on my way...hehe

    By Blogger Nikki, At 9:02 PM  

  • I appreciate your participation and I wish you the best of luck on the Valentine's Day contest!

    By Blogger Nicholas Z. Cardot, At 9:48 PM  

  • My wife asks me all the time, "How come my comments don't count towards the contest?"

    I reply, "I don't know, honey...How come mine don't?"


    By Blogger Nicholas Z. Cardot, At 5:51 PM  

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