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Monday, May 5, 2008

Your First Date With God

I remember the day that I took my wife on our first date. It was in early July of 2004. We went to Wal-Mart and the mall and I was able to get her something to eat at the food court. As we walked around through the various stores, I had a difficult time thinking of what to talk about. I was nervous and most of our conversation was what I would now consider to be small talk. I couldn't think of what to say. I couldn't tell what products we should go look at. I couldn't decide if my hands should be at my side or in my pockets.

The entire time that we wondered around, I knew that I was attracted to her and I wondered if their was any mutual feeling or if she was just tolerating me. I wondered if she had any feelings for me and if she would want to go on another date or if this would be the last that I would see of her.

To make conversation I would ask her silly questions like 'When is your birthday?' Then I would say that my dad's birthday is that same month. I would ask her what color is her favorite, how many brothers and sisters she had, and what she like and disliked. It was pretty much a night of awkwardness...probably for both of us.

Ten months later, however, we walked down the aisle and said our wedding vows to one another. Since the time of our first date almost four years ago until now, my ability to carry on a conversation with her has dramatically changed. Today I can talk to her about anything. I can speak about whatever is on my mind or on my heart and she will respond and do the same. I don't worry any more by wondering if she feels toward me what I feel toward her. I know that she loves me.

I often hear people use the term 'fellowship' when referring to the relationship that we have with God. I have grown not to like this term. Don't mistake what I am saying. We need to fellowship and it is a Bible word. However, in many modern minds, fellowship has been so formalized.

We fellowship with other Christians only at organized functions. We fellowship with God only during our prayer time (if we have one) and even then we simply read our requests off of a list. True Scriptural fellowship includes much more than these formalities. It includes the same fellowship that I can now enjoy when talking with my wife or when taking her on a date.

If I spoke to my wife in the way that most Christians speak to God, she would slap me. That is to say if I only spoke to her for two minutes each morning and when I did I just read to her a list of my needs, I would deserve a black eye! Everyone of us would probably agree with that, yet we do the same thing to God. He doesn't want ten minutes in the morning. He wants fluid conversation all day every day. He wants to speak to us through his Word and he wants us to speak to Him through prayer.

He wants us to share with Him what we need, how we feel, our burdens, our desires, everything about our daily life. There is nothing to small for God to listen. The best part is that you won't ever have to worry about whether or not God feels toward you the same way that you feel toward Him. God loves you more than you will ever love Him this side of Heaven. If anything, God is wishing that you would reciprocate the feeling.

You've got to start this relationship somewhere. My wife and I started through slow, awkward small talk and over time we developed our relationship to where it is today. Have you begun to build your relationship with God? Are you actively enjoying conversations with God? If not, maybe it's time to take God on that first date again and rekindle that flame!

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