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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Free Weekly Give Away! Get Rewarded!

In an effort to stimulate activity at my website, I have decided to re-initiate a weekly free book giveaway contest. The book that I will be giving away this week is called "How to Pray: The Best of John Wesley on Prayer" by John Wesley. The book is brand new and is completely free to the winner of my newest competition. Entry is free and only takes about thirty seconds. In fact, several of you who are reading this are probably already entered into the drawing!

I want to encourage everyone to get involved. If you are new to The Baptist Muse or if you have been a patron here for a while then right now is the perfect time to jump in and get rewarded. Get your site noticed at our Topsites section and get a chance at a free book!

Product Description: "Let John Wesley guide you into a deeper prayer life. These excerpts from his prolific writings will motivate and challenge you to greater communion with God. In approximately 45 readings, Wesley explains the why and how of prayer for believers at any stage of the Christian life. Lightly edited for ease of reading, Wesley's insights are sure to improve the way you pray!"

Contest Rules: To be eligible for this contest, all you have to do is sign up for The Baptist Muse Topsites. This is a way for you to promote your own blog or website by getting it listed at The Baptist Muse Topsites. I will be receiving email updates of every website that is added to the list and I will be able to closely monitor it to ensure that only doctrinally sound Baptist sites will be added. Listing your website is completely free and you will receive one 'ticket' toward the drawing per website submitted to The Baptist Muse Topsites!

To determine the winner, I will use a random number generator using the total number of participants to set the limits of the generator. I will then begin counting through the members. The first member on the list at the end of this week will be number one. The second member at the end of this week will be number two. Etc. Whatever the number generator spits out at me, that is the winner of the book. If the generator spits out the number 12, then the twelfth person on the list will win the prize. In that way, it will be random among those who participate. I will then announce the winner and contact you to get your mailing address and I will send it right out to you!

The contest ends Saturday at noon. I will calculate the results on Saturday afternoon and announce the winner on Sunday's post. Good luck!

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