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Friday, May 9, 2008

My Ten Year Adoption Anniversary

On May 9, 1998, my Uncle Jim and Aunt Janelle adopted me into their family rescuing me from an abusive father and giving me a loving family. This was exactly ten years ago today. I struggled with a lot of things growing up including rebellion and resentment over my childhood. These folks who had no reason to help me continued to love me no matter what. This is a poem that I wrote in honor of their sacrifice.

Thank You by Nicholas Z. Cardot

In Honor of James and Janelle Delhotal

There comes a time in every life when trials fill the soul,
And all around no help is seen as heartaches take their toll.
Nowhere it seems can he escape whose life is plagued with hurt,
And the pains that fill that life of gloom, no joys come to avert,
When all around on every hand only struggles can be found.
And though that life would like to sing, the heart seems chained and bound.
Downward ever falling, that life would soon lose hope,
Distresses seem to hang that life at the end of no small rope.

Some men when they do reach that point, they put their trust in God,
And God draws near and walks with them as through this life they trod.
But other men, a bit less wise, reject the God from up above.
Their heart is filled with bitter thoughts and they decline His perfect love.
And when I found myself surrounded by these fears,
And on my face no joy was seen, but only always tears.
I chose the path of the unwise and departed from what's right.
Against the God who loved me so, I decided now to fight

I turned my back on all God's will, and fled from his bright face.
I hated all that brought to mind the thought of His sweet grace.
But in that time that I rebelled, when my heart was cold and black,
I seemed to feel a loving tough, it was a hand upon my back.
And when I looked to see whose hand was extended in my aid,
I saw a loving couple with no profits to be made.
The love of God shone in their face and pierced my heart straight through.
Their loving care reached deep within and made my heart anew.

I'll never understand just why they loved me so,
I'll never understand why they were there to help me grow.
And yet, they'll never really know how much their love has meant,
They'll never truly understand the thanks that I have sent.
Nothing could ever repay what these two have done for me,
No gift could open up my soul and truly let them see.
Instead I'd like to bring to them, on this their special day,
A heart of love and thankfulness, and these simple words I'd like to say,

Thank you for your love



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