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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Falling in Love With Him...Again

After our first date things only went up hill in the relationship between my wife and I. We began to talk more. We spent more time together. We got to know each other, and eventually we fell in love. After a while we reached a point where we were totally infatuated with one another (that is the stage that we have now been in for the past three years!). When we stepped into that stage of our courtship a new aspect of our relationship emerged. We now went out of our way trying to make the other person happy. I wanted to know what restaurants she liked, what foods she liked, what colors she liked, what kinds of clothes she liked, and everything else that she liked. I then took that information and would take her to restaurants, buy her teddy bears, buy her flowers, buy her clothes, etc. I wanted to do whatever I could to make her happy.

It became my goal to try to find out what she wanted and then get it for her. Believe me, this was easy. My wife had such a small desire for new clothes, gadgets, and other stuff that it was easy to find out exactly what she liked. No matter what I got for her, she just loved it. She never commanded me to buy anything for her. She never coerced me to buy anything for her. In fact, most of the time she would complain and say things like "You shouldn't have!" or "You spent way too much on that!" or "I don't deserve this!" She was wrong. She deserved a lot more than I could ever give her. Even though she never once asked me to buy anything or do anything for her, I did because I loved her. My love drove me to do as much as I could to fulfill her wants. I wanted her to be happy with me, with what I did, with what I got her, and with what I did for her.

As we expand on our thoughts from yesterday, let's look once more at our relationship with God. If you've been in church for any time, you have heard people talk about the 'Will of God.' This is another one of those terms that I don't like. Let me explain before I get crucified. In our modern Christianity, many Christians always talk about the will of God on some huge scale as something that they are going to do years in the future. A teen will talk about what God's Will is for them after they graduate high school and after they graduate college while they are actively living in little sins today. A man will say that it is God's Will to start a ministry...someday. I hate seeing God's Will referred to exclusively in the future tense and exclusively on that large scale of thought.

Let's reshape the way that we look at God's Will and see it in the perspective of the relationship that we are supposed to have with God. The phrase 'Will of God' simply means 'what God wants.' Just like I said that I had set out on a quest to find out what my wife wants so that I can make her happy in our day-to-day lives, we need to be seeking out what we can do to satisfy what God wants in every area of our life. Don't just look at what God wants from you ten years from now. Think about what God would want from you today. Try to see what tie God would want you to wear when you get ready in the morning. Maybe you look at one tie and say to yourself, "I look really good in that tie so I should wear that one." And then you realize that it is pride and that God does not want to see you prideful so you decide to put off wearing that particular tie until another day. Yes, friends, God does care about the little things...and he cares about them today.
Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because thou hast left thy first love.
~ Revelation 2:4
We ought to fall in love with Christ all over again every day and do everything that we can to find out what he wants us to do to please Him! We ought to treat God as though he were our best friend and we are trying to make Him happy or as though He is our dear loved one and we are trying to pamper Him with our love, affection, and service. The infatuation of a love-struck college boy ought to be our example for our relationship with God.

So let me ask you a few questions. Did you take God out on that first date that we talked about yesterday? Did you begin to rebuild that relationship? Are you falling in love with Him over and over again? Are you seeking throughout your day to find ways to please our loving God?

If not, there has never been a better time to start.

In Christ,




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