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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tax Relief At The Baptist Muse

Tax time is upon us. Here at The Baptist Muse, I understand the financial crunch that tax time imposes on our lives. That is exactly why I have decided to offer a little bit of green to the winner of my newest contest. In fact, I am going to give a ten dollar gift certificate to the store of your choosing to two different winners on Tuesday, April 15, 2008. You can consider that to be tax relief at the Baptist Muse.

All right, here’s the rules. I will select two winners. One winner will be the individual who has accumulated the most raw points. So if you can earn 50 points and the next guy only has 40…you are ten dollars richer. The second winner will be drawn at random, using each point as a ticket in a drawing. If you have fifty tickets, you will have fifty chances to win while the next guy in our example with forty points will only have forty chances to win.

Grab As Many Points As You Can…And Here’s How

Leave Comments: 1 Point – Leave up to five comments per post and you receive one point per comment up to five. Spam comments don’t count.

Forum Posts: 1 Point – Every comment posted in the Forum section of our site is worth one point! There is no limit! Go hog wild. Spam comments don’t count.

Email Subscriptions: 5 points – If you have never signed up for the free email newsletter, there has never been a better time to join! If you are already signed up on my email list, you already have five points in this contest.

Write a Review of the Baptist Muse: 15-25 Points (150-250 Words) If you write and post a review of The Baptist Muse at your website or blog, you will receive an instant 15-25 points. The minimum is 150 words which is worth 15 points. Every ten words over that and you will receive and additional point up to 25 points. Leave a comment here so that I will know to swing by your site and check it out!

Good luck and happy blogging!

In Christ,




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