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Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Hope Of America

Without any reservation, I love America. I want so badly to see a revival of God's presence throughout our entire nation. It pains my heart to no end to see the vile sin and wickedness that pervades our land. Perversion is growing beyond measure in every aspect of the American society....Something Must Be Done!

With this in mind, I have written the following poem. It is an expression of my heart toward the saddening condition of my nation.

Through many years of war and strife our men have fought and died.
America has stood through time against the raging tide.
Men gave their lives to save a land that would have been destroyed.
They shed their blood for the freedom our citizens have enjoyed.
"The Land Of Opportunity" 'tis called by nations 'round the world.
And now our nation seems to crumble as Satan's darts at us are hurled.
Against all other countries our nation stood so firm;
Our problem now arises from within us like a germ.
Wars are not our greatest loss, as to us they had been.
Our greatest problem now is our own nation's sin.
In days of old our Christians rose and took a stand for right,
Against these sins our men of God would've quickly given a fight.
But now we scarce can find a man whose actions are so bold,
A man of God to take a stand like in those days of old.
And now we Christians sit and watch as our nation collapses from within.
We casually glance at our nation as it quickly fills with sin.
But maybe God would spare us if some men would take a stand,
To give their lives to Jesus and spread his Word throughout the land.
Who'll be the man to take a stand and fight for right this hour?
Will you enlist to fight for Christ through his own holy power?

By Nicholas Z. Cardot



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