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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Addicted To God (Part 4)

We Must Always Be Growing Our Desire For God!

It is sad that there are Christians reading this who have only been saved for a few months or a few years who have more excitement and desire to be used of God than those who have been saved for many years.

It is sad that there are Christians reading who have been saved out of wicked sin who are more excited about being used of God than those who have enjoyed growing up in Christian families or who have enjoyed having a good family for some time now.
I was saved as a young child. I have been saved for over fifteen years, but it’s time right now for me to be more excited about serving God and having God do a work in my life than I have ever been.

There are those who struggle with addictions. They struggle with a desire to smoke a cigarette that is so strong they can’t break that habit. They struggle with a desire to drink another sip of alcohol. Those desires have been fed for years and now they struggle to break those desires and those habits.

You see for years they enjoyed cigarettes or drugs or alcohol and now to stop is one of the hardest things in their lives.

But why don’t we as Christians decide that we are going to spend so much more time with God, and doing the work of God that we get addicted to God! I mean, why don’t we cultivate our desire for God until it is so strong that people couldn’t get us away from church if they tried. So that people couldn’t get us to cuss or say something wrong if they paid us. Someone at work once asked my wife if she ever cussed. She said no. They offered to pay her ten dollars to say a bad word. She told them that it would take a whole lot more money than that to get her to cuss.

Our desire for God should be so strong that we are addicted to him!

We need to do right so much and feed that desire for God so much that we can’t be pulled away for anything. We need to feed it so that we would be addicted to doing right and living morally straight. How bad do you want God to do a work in your life?

Developing An Addiction To God

  1. Spend time with those who are addicted to God!

    To be a success in any area of life we must spend time with people who are a success in that area. It does not matter if you are an electrician, a carpenter, a preacher, or an engineer. It does not matter what industry you are in. If you spend time with people who are successful in that field, you will learn how to be a success.

    Be faithful to church as there is no better group of people to be around when trying to grow your desire for God than those who are at the house of God.
  2. Spend time feeding your addiction to God!

    Sometimes you won’t want to go to church. Sometimes you have to go and then later you will want to. Spend lots of time in the Bible and praying even when you don’t want to. Sometimes the ‘want-to’ only comes after much time spent doing the right thing.


How badly do you desire to have God do a work in your life? How strong is your desire for God? Is your desire for God so strong that it changes your life, your conversation, and your behavior?

I could never understand what it might be like for thirty eight years of waiting for God to do a work in that man’s life. He desired that blessing so badly he would wait seemingly forever for it. How strong is your desire for God in your life?

In Christ,

Bro. Nick



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