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Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Sunday Morning Surprise

This morning when I arrived at church, one of my friends approached me and asked if I could teach the Sunday School lesson for the teenagers. "Of Course!" I replied and I reached down into my Bible for my notes from this week's "A Tale of Two Kings" lessons that I have been posting here at the blog. They weren't there. Before I left for church, I had cleaned out all of the excess papers from my Bible.

"Oh, well!" I thought. I'll just teach the lesson from memory. And so I did. A couple of times, I stumbled looking for the exact verse, but the teenagers actually helped out and worked with me. The lesson went great and the teenagers paid attention really well.

One of the reasons that I maintain this blog is because I am not always able to preach as often as I would like. By reading, studying, and writing articles for The Baptist Muse, I am forced to stay on my toes in this area. I am able to preach through writing and I am able to exercise my preparation skills. Then, when preaching opportunities arise, I am able to step up to the plate and give it my all.

Let me turn this brief testimony into a little challenge. What are you doing to sharpen your skills in the areas that God has called you into?

In Christ,




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